AB Diamant was founded in 1997. We focus primarily on cutting bituminous and concrete surfaces of roads, on constructions cutting and on all-positions drilling. Our company cooperates with firms dealing with drainage and steam pipe-line constructions, gasification and other industrial works. Moreover, road works such as highway, motorway or parkway works are not problems for us. However, we are also interested in private work contracts.
Contacts to our satisfied customers can be provided within the frame of personal dealing.

AB Diamant is one of the cheapest companies focused on this kind of industrial works.

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1. Drilling with diamond tools – all materials, up to 800 mm diametre
  • openings for cabling, tubing and ventilation..
  • taking of samples
  • holes for armatures of machines
2. Cutting of bituminous and concrete surfaces of roads up to 320 mm depth
  • slitting of bituminous and concrete surfaces, including reinforcing before the works
  • cutting of dilatation joints of many widths
3. Drilling of constructions with diamond tools – one-sided, up to 800 mm
  • cutting of wall construcions for mounting holes, windows and doors
  • cutting of ceilings and floors
  • cutting of bridge structures
  • dividing of mass structures up to 800 mm with a diamond cable
4. Cutting of slots in concrete and bituminous surfaces up to 20 mm width of firts and 200 mm cutting depth
  • slots for after placing of optic cables in urban areas
5. Grinding and milling of concrete deckings
  • cutting off of surfaces contaminated by oil, pavement glues spread and uneveness
  • grinding of decking in order to prepare them for blanketing layers
6. Milling of nonskid and drainage slots
  • draining canals around machine tools and in industrial areas (stone-cutting industry, glass works etc.)
  • drainage slots for animal husbandry, size: 15 mm x 15 mm
7. Demolition works
  • demolitions with using of machine demolition or hand-made demolition